The foot is the anatomical and dynamic part of our body that, for at least one and a half million years, allows us to stand upright and move. Walked on average 120.000 kilometers along our life, during which our feet have given us or give us a problem.

To understand the importance of the feet, should be recalled that only can be affected by many systemic diseases, such as: rheumatic diseases, inflammatory, vascular, dermatological and neurological, inter.

  • From the anatomical viewpoint: We must consider that the foot is a complex structure 26 bones connected by a large number of joints, ligaments and muscles, vaulted building a complicated structure and that any dysfunction or poor positioning of one of these elements is capable of giving rise to a pathology.
  • From the physiological point of view: Besides allowing feet to stand tall and move, perform other important functions such as the damping of our body weight, pumping for proper venous return of blood, absorption of vibrations that occur at each step avoiding potential impact on upper joints such as the knee and back, while facilitating blood flow. All this makes the feet in one of the essential elements of the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular.

It was found that aggravating factors for foot disorders, such as:

  • Small fingers help to balance and propel the body in motion. The stockings, tight socks or shoes could increase the risk of developing hammer toes.
  • The soles of the feet can suffer plantar warts or papillomas, caused by a virus and difficult to cure.
  • Nails, in its protective role, support small pressures or shocks that can damage them. A cut and inappropriate footwear encourage ingrown toenails.
  • The toes of the feet are the hardest working since, walking, bear most of the body weight. A bunion is one of the most frequent problems. Avoid pointy-toe shoes and high heels, that will accelerate the problem.
  • The area between the third and fourth finger can suffer Morton neuromas, thickening of the outer layer of a foot nerve because of entrapment of this between two bones that rub against each other.

Indeed, a large part of the population, you suffer on your feet, being more frequent in females. Most of the time it's a result of bad habits and improper footwear that is forcing the operation of our lower extremities, fingers forcing awkward postures and support weights inappropriate. According to a study by the IBV, the 61,4% of women suffer from bunions, vascular problems, Calluses, nail disorders and claw toes against 38,6% men.

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