In his first visit to the Centers Podomédics, it will be attended by Dr. Alexia Casals by the Montserrat Castells enjoying great prestige medical Podológica due to su extensive experience diagnosing it, treatment and prevention of different diseases of the foot and ankle, either through medical or surgical treatment.

This first visit, consider it essential to establish a relationship of mutual trust in order to obtain maximum information from your medical history and thus better understand their illness and be able to offer the best treatment options once it has been thoroughly explored with the latest technological advances (computerized gait study, career, high-speed camera, Scanner ...). Keeping in mind their individual needs as: age, fitness, activity level, underlying pathologies, biomechanical problems, structural deformations (Bunions, hammertoes ....) and all the numerous disorders of the lower extremities and column

Our main goal, not just cure the condition causing the disease, but treat the cause that produces.

Within the established protocol in our centers, must fill out a simple form about your medical history and sign the informed consent once you have explained the treatment applied.