Minimal Incision Surgery, (MIS) is a set of microsurgical surgical techniques that allow the necessary changes in the structures of the foot, to get a definitive correction of these.

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Technological advances incorporated in our podiatric surgery department, coupled with the experience and constant training of our medical professionals, allow us to apply the techniques of Minimal Incision Surgery with excellent results for our patients.

The special characteristics of the MIS, fluoroscopy and specific instruments, these techniques allows us to run through millimeter incisions, getting the level of postoperative pain is minimal.

This surgery is performed under local anesthesia, allows the patient to walk immediately after surgery, may well move to his home, without need for hospitalization. Many pathological processes of the foot, that can be corrected with surgery techniques Minimally Incision, emphasizing among other: Bunions (Hallux Valgus), claw toes, tailor's bunion (Fifth Launch), Alterations metatarsal, Interdigital and heel spurs helomas.

MIS Surgery, provides the patient with optimal results and a fast and comfortable postoperative, can thus be incorporated into their daily activities in a very short period of time.